Oregon Delts - Rush 2014


Why Delt?

Delta Tau Delta wants bold leaders interested in leaving a legacy on campus. With the support of a brotherhood over 150 years in the making, you will have the chance to redefine "fraternity" on your campus. What will you come back to in 20 years? What type of stamp will you leave on campus? With Delta Tau Delta, the choice is yours.

Why join a fraternity at all?

Fraternities are values-based organizations that offer young men many challenges and opportunities a traditional college education does not. Through leadership opportunities within a fraternity, a young man can gain leadership skills that will be valuable after graduation. A member of a fraternity has an immediate support group that will become life-long friends. Joining a fraternity is more than just something you do in college. It is a commitment for a lifetime.

Every generation of college students has the opportunity to distinguish itself through its actions. Past generations have fought wars, struggled for social justice, and put men on the moon. Today's college student is faced with a unique challenge: With so many resources within its reach, what will this generation be known for?

What makes a Delt different from just another college student?

The answer is simple: his values. Living according to a set of values is difficult. It means you must learn to push yourself. It means you must understand you represent something bigger. It means you must understand and live a life of self-control. Our values are held in common by Delts dispersed throughout the world. They speak of life long learning, of civic engagement and academic excellence. The values of a Delt are not for everyone, but as these men recognize they are the basis for a lifetime of learning and development.

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